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I’m here today to finish the confession script I started a long time ago. I realize there’s a lot of missing. Those who want to improve can organize as they wish. Though it is not professional software, at least I think of good works as a start. Also, when I look at the market surveillance, I see the end of a good confession script. PHP and MySQL. Welcome to a combined unified image. They can easily roam from their phones, from computers, to a comfortable home, to a confession or to a confession.

PHP İtiraf Scripti v 1.0
PHP İtiraf Scripti v 1.0


You are entering the folder that contains the system from the folders in the confession script files you downloaded. Open the global.php file in the System folder with any code editing editor and you will be logged in with your database information. After you write and save the site name (domainini), you can start using the script.


The .rar file you downloaded contains PHP files and a SQL file.

Download Confession Script


UPDATE 1: Confirmation of confession and member prohibition feature was organized on 23.11.2015.

UPDATE 2: On 26.11.2015, the .htaccess file and the permalink structure were edited.

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